Let's Put Minnesotan Ingenuity to Work

Creating more homes in Minnesota over the next decade will require new, innovative approaches across the spectrum. State and local governments will have to prioritize new policies and investments that incentivize housing. Communities will have to organize and push their leaders to make more homes a core commitment. And the construction industry must innovate. 

A key recommendation of the Minnesota Task Force on Housing was to position Minnesota as a national leader in the advancement of housing innovation and technology. Embracing new technology, building methods, and materials can lower the cost of creating new homes. 

Innovation can create more homes and lower costs across the housing continuum. In Austin, Texas, New Story, a housing charity organization, and ICON, a construction tech company, have partnered to try and end global homelessness. They created a prototype of a 3D-printed house that costs $4,000 and is completed in 24 hours. With Minnesota's long history of innovation and creativity, we be a national leader in this kind of housing innovation if we commit to it.  

There is already innovation happening in the North Star State. At the Capitol, legislators in the Manufactured Housing Working Group have outlined a series of recommendations that would allow Minnesota to explore manufactured housing as a solution to our Housing shortage. Read more about their efforts in this Star Tribune opinion piece from Representatives Mark Koran and Carolyn Laine. 

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To succeed at achieving the goals outlined by the Minnesota Task Force on Housing, we need to bring creativity and innovation to bear. Learn more about housing solutions and get involved by visiting www.frontdoorcampaign.org. 

Owen Truesdell